cropped-TYTNEWCENTURYSCHOOL2.jpgTone Your Tushy offers in home personal training as good as any gym could offer. Mobile in home personal training has been the outcome of almost 40 years of experience having worked in a gym setting. Gyms cater to the masses, people who are unintimidated by the atmosphere of sweat, loud music, overcrowding and lack of guidance. BUT what about those people who either don’t like the gym, have no time for the gym or would rather exercise in their homes but don’t know exactly how to go about it?  Tone Your Tushy provides a safe, unintimidating judgement free alternative for those of you who are looking to get a great workout, but choose not go to the mega-gym to get in shape.


Are you looking to get fit, healthy and well but don’t have the motivation or understanding of how your body works? Have you ever wondered why you FAIL at losing weight and end up right back where you started or in most cases more FAT then before. Has this scenario happened to you in the PAST? Tone Your Tushy Personal Training knows all to well just how FRUSTRATING it can be to YO-YO with your weight. With almost 40 years of experience Tone Your Tushy has solved your problem once and for all and believe that there are 4 main reasons why you never have success in reaching your final ultimate goal!

1. The first reason is because your goals are unrealistic, so right from the beginning you are setting yourself up for failure. Tone Your Tushy will help you put together a list of short term goals and long term goals. If you hit your short term goals, you WILL hit your long term ultimate goals!

2. You are unprepared. You think you know what you have to do, but you probably do not have a game plan to attack your goals and be successful. Tone Your Tushy will put together a custom tailored plan of attack to ensure that you are successful and know exactly what you have to do.

3. You have unclear goals.  Your goals are all over the place.  Tone Your Tushy will help you put together a list of short term goals and long term goals.  Clear cut goals that you understand.

4. You lack support. Because the going will get tough and your support system is what will see you through to your goal.  Tone Your Tushy will support you and encourage you along the way until you reach your goals.  We will not give up on you, but rather inspire you to hit your goals.


Before and After Photos:

Mike Just Wanted to Chase His Son!!

Mike just wanted two things. He wanted to be able to touch his toes and to chase after his four year old son. He accomplished both within six months. He went from 259 lbs down to 233 and went from 39% body fat down to 27%. He is still working on his weight loss.

Sam Was Terrified To Workout!!

When I met Sam, she was 242 pounds and the thought of working out was not on her top ten list. Twelve months later, she slimmed down to 170 and had gone from 48% body fat down to 31%. [And she STILL won’t admit that she enjoys the work out, but I know she does..!!]

156 Pound Weight Loss and Still Going!!

Pictures say a thousand words. Kim has lost more weight than many women weigh, and with that loss has emerged a happier, healthier woman. Three times a week at the gym, without fail…..eating habits and mindset about food have changed, plus dedication and willfulness have given Kim a new lease on life. Literally.

Lisa and Bruce’s Success Story

This couple came to me to get ready for their son’s up and coming wedding. They both wanted to slim down a bit; nothing drastic. Between the two there was a 40 lb weight loss and very happy parents of the groom!


Jen is in the best shape of her life after losing 60 pounds! jentyt





Lisa was my trainer for about 2 years and it was a great experience. She is always demanding and tough, but encouraging when you need it. She has a strong understanding of both fitness and nutrition, and consistently strives to stay up to date on these topics.

Sara C.

Lisa was my personal trainer for 8 months. I wasn’t overweight but I was not fit, had poor muscle tone, no energy or much motivation to exercise. Lisa tailored my workouts around my own needs. She is not a one work-out fits all trainer. She actually takes the time to know you, your goals, your strengths and weaknesses and creates a personal plan that actually works. I learned so much from every session with Lisa. I became fit, strong, and energized. This helped me in so many other aspects of my life, not just my health. Lisa is VERY knowledgeable, not only in exercise physiology but also in nutrition. She is honest and will tell you what you need to hear to improve your health and maximize the fitness experience.
Lisa works hard at staying current in fitness and nutrition. She really cares about her clients and is also great at making you laugh. I still work out to this day, I learned from Lisa it is not just about wearing a bikini this summer, or fitting into a wedding gown, but about improving your health for the rest of your life.

Nilda L.

I’ve had the pleasure of both working, and working out with Lisa. She is one of the most inspirational people I know. Her dedication to you is what puts Lisa in a catagory all by itself. I would highly recommend her for all your training needs.

Fitpro S.

Lisa was my trainer for several months! She understood how to push me enough so I was constantly improving and gaining strength without hurting myself. Lisa is a great coach/cheerleader. I did not have a weight issue, but I saw the results she helped her some other clients achieve, and it was exciting.

Vivian O.

I worked with Lisa for the past year. She taught me the truth about nutrition and exercise, which yielded positive results. She understands that part of the human condition needs positive reinforcement, and provides it (genuine).

Barbara L.

Being extremely overweight (almost 400lbs) and over age 40, needless to say I was frightened and embarrassed when I joined a local gym and requested a trainer to help me. Lisa was assigned to me and immediately welcomed me and put my fears at ease. Unlike her peers, Lisa is more than a physical trainer she guided me through everything; my thoughts and fears without judging or intimidating me. Because of her people skills and experience without belittling me I showed up every day looking forward to progress I was making. I truly don’t believe I could have gotten my results with another trainer. I am eternally grateful to having been paired with her to help me get through my journey to a healthier lifestyle.
YOU will not be disappointed with selecting Lisa to help you get a healthier/better YOU.

Kim D.

In May of 2013, at age 62, I realized that I was not only WAY overweight but getting incredibly lazy and stagnant. It was then I met Lisa at my local gym. She became my mentor in a physical exercise regimen but also was very helpful in nutritional guidance and general good health procedures. In approx. 9 months I’ve lost almost 70 Lbs. and have been transformed from a total slug to some one who now has energy and can walk without having to stop and rest every 50 feet. Her kind but firm demeanor along with praise when I needed it, and a swift verbal kick in the butt when I deserved it have helped me greatly. I don’t believe I could have gotten these results with another trainer.

Kevin G.

Lisa knows how to train and she knows how to listen. I went to her with specific goals since I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. She has made a big difference for me in just a few months. I feel stronger and better! Thank you, Lisa!

Carol S.

I enjoy training with Lisa, because she talks to me not at me. She explains how to properly work out so I get the best benefit without hurting my self . I have been working out for many years pushing myself for many hours, after working with Lisa she has shown me how to work smarter not harder. She is so creative, and always changing my workouts so I don’t dread going. She is so talented I enjoy going to each session.

Lynda D.

I have been working out with Lisa for years now and cannot give her enough credit! Her attention to detail, her invaluable insight regarding nutrition and most importantly her desire to see you reach your goals helps her address your personal needs. As an extremely knowledgeable fitness instructor, Lisa does not follow a cookie cutter routine, but instead gets to know you on a personal level, which allows her to push when she knows you can do it, yet be sensitive to your growing confidence when you are unsure of yourself. After a workout with Lisa you are sure to walk away feeling strong & productive both inside and out!

Maria M.

20 months ago I decided it was time to finally get fit. I wasn’t overweight but I was a skinny unfit woman with no muscle mass and very little strength. Even bringing bags of groceries into my house was exhausting. With my busy schedule I know I wouldn’t get to the gym unless I had someone there who was waiting for me and on the clock. So in comes Lisa. I didn’t know what to expect. It was very hard at first. But Lisa kept the workouts varied and challenging every time. I even had some energy to laugh now and then during the workouts. She really cared and knew how to tailor the workouts to my own style and health and even to how I was feeling on a given day. It is amazing how much I have accomplished. My number one improvement is the stamina and strength I have. Not to mention my body looks toned. I HAVE MUSCLES!!!! I continue to work out frequently, it has significantly improved my health and state of mind. I could not have done it without Lisa. She is an amazing trainer, woman and friend. And combines all this with a terrific sense of humor! She has a dramatic wealth of knowledge about fitness, the body and health. She certainly impressed me, and I should know since I am a physician!

Nilda S.

I have been training with Lisa for almost a year now.
When I started with her, I was overweight and depressed. My 24 year marriage was on the brink of disaster. I had lost myself in this relationship and as the mother of my three wonderful children.
In hiring Lisa, I had finally decided to do something just for me. Lisa has helped to transform me. As my body became stronger, so did my spirit. I started to believe in myself again. I started to run – something that, as a 48 year old woman who had never run before, I never expected to do. Three months after my husband moved out, I completed my first 5K. Three months later, I finished my first sprint triathlon. The sky is the limit for me now. I’m grateful to have begun my training before my marriage ended, because it has been my lifeline.
Lisa understood me and saw the potential in me even before I could see it for myself. She has pushed me, pulled me and walked along beside me. She has made me laugh and allowed me to cry. I consider her a friend and am grateful to her for the expertise she has used to move me through my transformation. Changing my life was something I had to decide to do for myself. But it sure has helped to have Lisa by my side. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent.

Pam N.

If you’re looking for a highly personalized training experience that challenges both your body and your self-motivation, then I would recommend training with Lisa. Five months of working out with her taught me how to exercise properly and how to push my personal limits – I found it to be both physically and emotionally empowering. I joke with her that she “kicked my ass,” but it’s true – she will meet you wherever you are at in your “fitness life” and push you to reach your potential in a way that you are totally capable of. I highly recommend making the investment in your well-being and highly recommend Lisa as the one to do it with.

Tracie S.

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